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Hi there,I'm Shona.

Welcome to my UX design portfolio!


I'm thrilled to share my passion for crafting meaningful user experiences with you. While I am relatively new to the field, I bring a fresh perspective to ux design.

My background in social media marketing has instilled in me a deep understanding of the power of storytelling and the importance of engaging with users on a personal level. I believe that by combining my expertise in digital marketing with my newfound knowledge of UX design, I can create seamless and compelling experiences that captivate users and drive business results.

My journey into UX design was sparked by a desire to create products that genuinely improve people's lives. I believe that user-centered design is the key to unlocking innovative solutions that resonate with users on a deep level. Through research, empathy, and collaboration, I strive to create experiences that not only meet user needs but exceed their expectations.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio, and I invite you to explore my work and reach out for collaborations or opportunities. Together, let's make the world a more delightful and user-friendly place, one experience at a time.


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